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department introduction

orgnaizational chart

3-1. Administration
 3-1-1.Medical Affairs
 3-1-2.General Affairs
 3-1-3.Strategy Planning
 3-1-4.Accounting Office
 3-1-5.Civil Service Ethics
 3-1-6.Personnel Office
 3-1-7.Social work Office
 3-1-8.Nutrition Dep.

3-2. Medical
 3-2-1.Intemal Medicine
  3-2-1-1.Intemal Medicine-General
  3-2-1-2.Gastroenterology Dep.
  3-2-1-3.Cardiology Dep.
  3-2-1-4.Nephrology Dep.
  3-2-1-5.Pulmonary Medicine Dep.
  3-2-1-6.Neurology Dep.
  3-2-1-7.Metabolism Dep.
  3-2-1-8.Hematology and Oncology
  3-2-1-9.Geriatrics Dep.
  3-2-1-10.Infection Disease Dep.

 3-2-2.Surgical Division
  3-2-2-1.Surgery-General Dep.
  3-2-2-2.Gastrointestinal Surgery
  3-2-2-3.Cardiovascular Surgery
  3-2-2-4.Thoracic Surgery Dep.
  3-2-2-5.Neurosurgery Dep.
  3-2-2-6.Plastic Surgery Dep.
  3-2-2-7.Pediatric Surgery Dep.
  3-2-2-8.Colo-rectal Surgery
  3-2-2-9.Urology Dep.
  3-2-2-10.Orthopendics Dep.
  3-2-2-11.Dematology Dep.

 3-2-3.O&G Division
  3-2-3-1.Obstetrics & Gynecology
 3-2-4.Pathology Dep.
 3-2-5.Ophthalmology Dep.
 3-2-6.Dentistry Dep.
 3-2-7.Emergency Dep.
 3-2-8.ENT Dep.
 3-2-9.Anesthesia Dep.
 3-2-10.Psychiatry Dep.
 3-2-11.Family Medicine Dep.
 3-2-12.Rehabilitation Dep.
 3-2-13.Radiology Dep.
 3-2-14.Nursing Dep.
 3-2-15.Laboratory Medicine
 3-2-17.Intensive Care Dep.

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